Pokemon ruby: Explore about the game and exclusive feature


The world is filled so many gamers, and lovers, and every player loves to play on different devices. To play the game, there are many types of devices that let the players play one of them is also game boy advance. It is a handy type gaming console, players can take it anywhere and also it can be put in the pockets in too. In this Pokemon ruby is a popular game with amazing 32-bit graphics compatible and lovely designing of game characters.

Exclusive features

There is no doubt that we already know about Pokemon as so much because we have watched its animation. Apart from the cartoon characters, the game is different because now players have to control everything in-game and it’s quite difficult for beginner. There are some features that make it more interesting to play. In order to know game better following features are following –

Collection of Pokemon – It is the Pokemon ruby, so it is true that players will get many new Pokemon in the game. The developers have added all-new Pokemon and powers as well, to get them players have to fight big fights. 

Choose next destination – After complete one mission or task, the new tasks will be unlocked instantly, but as the player complete one task, it is possible that many missions will be unlocked. Win fights and unlock rewards – As we know that without winning fights, new Pokemon can’t be unlocked but if players lose the matches. The levels of players also matter a lot in Pokemon ruby because at this base, new missions and rewards will be unlocked.